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CPBP 8328 | QSBC Seminar Series
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Seema Mishra, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, at University of Hyderabad, India, which is an Institution of Eminence conferred by the Government of India. She has completed her Ph.D in Molecular Biology under Prof. S.E. Hasnain at National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi and trained at Prof. Andrea Califano’s laboratory at Columbia University, New York City. Dr. Seema’s research programme is multi-pronged, and is centered around understanding the pan-cancer gene expression regulation as well as M. tuberculosis-host interactions through approaches in Computational Systems Biology. Understanding the structural basis of drug-target interactions in cancers using Molecular Dynamics and Immunoinformatics in cancer immunotherapy are the other avenues of research. These research programmes have been utilized to urgently design vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Seema Mishra 2021-2-10