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Redox Systems Biology: Computational Strategies for Predicting Cancer Therapeutic Responses


Despite the growing number of therapeutic options available for cancer patients, predicting which course of treatment will the best response for an individual is still a major challenge for precision medicine. In this talk, I will describe computational systems biology strategies that we have developed to investigate heterogeneity of drug metabolism among head and neck […]

Dynamic Evolution in Ancient and Essential Traits


In this talk, I'm going to tell two stories about new research in my lab that, incidentally, come to similar conclusions. The central question of both investigations is how complex traits evolve. First, I'll describe our discoveries about RNA interference, a phenomenon that was discovered in C. elegans - and for which the Nobel prize […]

Modeling Cell Signaling From Molecules to Macrostructures

Bass Conference Room - RRB 436

Cells use receptors on their surface to detect signals, such as hormones or growth factors, in their environment. These receptors then activate signaling pathways that transmit this information to the cellular machinery required to mount an appropriate response. Often this involves a change in cell shape or directed movement, and therefore requires regulation of the […]