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Investigating Lung Diseases and the Use of Causal Modeling in Multi-Scale Medical Research

Light Hall 415ABCD

The advancement of technologies for high-throughput collection of molecular and clinical data, has inadvertently transformed biology and medicine.  Integrating and co-analyzing these different data streams has become the research bottleneck and, in all likelihood, will be a central research topic for the next decade.  My group has historically worked on the development of statistical and […]

Logarithmic Signaling Regulates MAPK Stress Response and Survival

Bass Conference Room - PRB 436

Signaling mechanisms enable cells to sense, respond, and adapt to changing environments. Understanding signal transduction mechanisms at both molecular and network levels is critical to characterize key proteins and reaction rates in the cellular response in normal and pathophysiological conditions. This insight is important to discover unknown regulatory mechanisms, to identify abnormal protein interactions, and […]

Combining Experiments with Computational Models to Engineer Tissue

Engineering & Science Building 048 Vanderbilt University, Nashville

The most prevalent, devastating, and complex diseases of our time, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infectious diseases, involve the dynamic interactions of cells with one another and with their changing environment. However, the drugs we typically use to treat diseases target a single protein and disregard the fact that cells within tissues are […]