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A Model of Non-modular Biochemical Oscillator and Switch


Negative and positive feedback loops have been considered essential components for biological rhythms and switches, respectively. Research in systems biology focused on gene regulatory networks with intuitive appearances of feedback loops, leaving unknown whether other common biochemical reactions can produce oscillatory or switch-like dynamics. We used mass-action-based models to show that regulated RNA degradation involving […]

Precision and Plasticity in Animal Transcription

Over the past decade, our group has focused on discerning the molecular mechanisms that can reconcile how transcriptional control during animal development can be simultaneously precise (e.g. sharp in response to variable inputs) and plastic (e.g. able to harbor genetic variation at multiple scales). I will discuss how our work supports a view of transcription […]

Using Single-Cell Multiplexed Imaging and Manifold Learning to Visualize Cell Cycle Plasticity in Health and Disease


A Presentation by Wayne Michael Stallaert, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The recent development of single-cell approaches to study the cell cycle (e.g. time-lapse imaging of fluorescent cell cycle biosensors) has revealed that cells do not always take the same molecular path through the cell cycle. This […]