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Walking the line: How tissues balance host defense and tissue integrity


Presenter: Jennifer Oyler-Yaniv, Ph.D.
 from the Wollman Lab
 UCLA Zoom Webinar Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87550168229?pwd=QW9rUnBtTG1Ubk41d2Z0a3RhaWJCQT09 Passcode: 268741 The immune system poses a constant challenge to host tissues. On one hand, immune cells are essential for the destruction and clearance of infected or transformed cells. However, damage to bystander tissue is an unavoidable consequence of immune activity. Studying […]

Controlling and Responding to Stress


 Wednesday, November 18th, 9 am: Zoom Department of Pharmacology Fall Seminar Series “Controlling and Responding to Stress” Jaideep S. Bains, PhD, University of Calgary https://vanderbilt.zoom.us/j/91773702547?pwd=c3BJWGJNYUdjSG9qd2pxVVNtaDRKQT09

Resumes and CVs | ASPIRE Job Search Series


ASPIRE Job Search Series https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/career-development/aspire-job-search-series-for-phd-students-and-postdocs/

Systems Biology approaches to interrogate roles of long non-coding RNAs in pan-cancer gene expression regulation


Seema Mishra, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, at University of Hyderabad, India, which is an Institution of Eminence conferred by the Government of India. She has completed her Ph.D in Molecular Biology under Prof. S.E. Hasnain at National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi and trained at Prof. Andrea Califano’s laboratory at Columbia […]

Machine learning: a new approach to drug discovery


Modern medicine has given us effective tools to treat some of the most significant and burdensome diseases. At the same time, it is becoming consistently more challenging and more expensive to develop new therapeutics. A key factor in this trend is that the drug development process involves multiple steps, each of which involves a complex […]

Engineering Approaches to Studying Cancer Cell Migration


During cancer metastasis, cells move from the primary tumor, traversing heterogeneous terrain before seeding within a secondary site. Quantitative systems biology observes this terrain, including changes in tissue stiffness and architecture which can affect cell behavior and metastatic potential. In this talk, I will describe my lab’s efforts to understand the forces driving cell movements […]

Transport Transforms for Data Analysis and Machine Learning


Based on optimal transport theory, transport transforms are non-linear transforms that are well suited for many applications in data analysis, classification, and processing. In many situations, ranging from machine learning and signal processing, transport-based algorithms have outperformed state-of-the-art methods. In this talk, we will describe the Cumulative Distribution Transform (CDT), the Radon-CDT, and some of […]

Image analysis and AI in microscopy-based life science research


Biological processes can be observed both in space and over time using imaging. Visual assessment becomes limiting as datasets grow, and complexity of data as well as subtleness of processes makes it difficult to draw confident conclusions without automated and quantitative measurement strategies. Traditionally, digital image processing has relied on engineering mathematical models of e.g. […]