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Demystifying Scientific Publishing from the Perspective of a Researcher Turned Editor


Papers are the core currency of scientific research; not only are they the primary medium researchers use to communicate their work, but the number of papers a researcher publishes and where they are published is often used as a proxy for a researcher’s worthiness of grants and promotion. Today, commercial publication is handled by five […]

Systems Biology Insights into Antimicrobial Resistance Physiology


Bactericidal antibiotics are conventionally understood to kill bacteria through a target-dependent process mediated by antibiotic inhibition of replicative machinery. However, several lines of evidence suggest that other aspects of bacterial physiology may also play a decisive, causal role. Yet, the interplay between bacterial metabolism and bactericidal antibiotic lethality is challenging to study due to the […]

Redundancy and fragility in a young but essential gene regulatory network


Early in embryogenesis, C. elegans worms use a short network of interacting and related transcription factors to establish gut cell identity. The goal is to activate a downstream master regulator which stays on throughout a worm's life and directs gut differentiation and maintenance. Although the network is robust to deletions of some of its trans-activators, […]